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Network Infrastructure

Projects for data, voice and CCTV

Projects based on the best recommendations and market practices, get to know the network infrastructure projects we have to offer your business:

Installation and Servers configuration

We install and configure servers for the most diverse functions, inside or outside your company. From a simple domain controller server for a small office to a more elaborated virtualized servers anywhere in the country.

We work with servers and infrastructure:




Structured Cabling

Rearranging cables and identifying them is not just a whim, proper, organized and identified cabling prevents connectivity issues, as well as improving network performance and security. We deploy, reorganize, expand, and certify your company's cabling.

Structuring/Restructuring of networks

Choosing the type of cabling to be deployed together with the type of equipment that will be used is very important to ensure the vitality, scalability, and security of your technological environment, in addition to facilitating the expansion of your network in accordance with the growth of your business with simpler and cheaper projects in the future.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is infinitely available and flexible computing power, access your company's applications and files with ease, anywhere from an internet-connected device, as if these files and applications were on the device you are accessing.

Concerns about bandwidth, storage space, space for hosting and acclimating servers, processing power and security are set aside, you just need to worry about managing your cloud.

Wireless Networks

A well-sized and deployed wireless network facilitates the internal movement of users of your data network and ensures the security of your network when there are visitors connected to it.

Operating systems rollout

Keeping all the machines in your company with the same operating system version is essential for the proper functioning of your network. Keeping a standard is always advantageous because it speeds up support, facilitates the implementation of new software and ensures greater adherence to the policies implemented and distributed by your company's server.

Equipment rollout

When you decide to replace your company's machines, it is very important that you buy the best equipment at the lowest price and that files are not lost in the replacement process.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Televesion)

Closed Circuit TV for corporate environment and residential condominiums.

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What are the advantages of using structured cabling in your company?

Structured cabling seeks to bring greater organization and quality to a company's network. Therefore, this type of system is nothing more than the name given to the system of cables, connectors, conductors, and devices that allow establishing a telecommunications infrastructure in a building.

Here are some reasons why your business needs a structured cabling:

  • Improved performance of the telecommunications network
  • Improved network security
  • Integrated support for multimedia traffic, allowing the insertion of new systems to meet user demands
  • Unification of several services in a single cabling
  • With a well-executed structured cabling design, it is easier to find errors in the telecom network
  • Simplicity and speed to carry out future network maintenance and expansions
  • Easy acquisition, identification, and control of cables
  • Installing new connections is made simpler with a structured cabling design
  • Longer system cabling longevity
  • Improvement of the aesthetic part of the corporate environment
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