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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Having a professional specifically focused on the dynamics of an organization is a great opportunity to improve IT performance in general. In addition, it's very interesting to hear feedback from outsiders, as sometimes the company is so focused on itself that it doesn't see the new challenges.

IT consultants base their guidance on the best practices in the world market. These practices can be found both in guides such as the PMBOK® and BPM CBOK® as well as in standards and frameworks such as ITIL® and COBIT®, that is, your company will be guided to use extremely successful international standards to improve its IT department.

The IT consulting processes of ON IT HUB bring together methodologies and practices consolidated in the market, which ensure the focus on customer management, in accordance with the IT governance model, therefore, providing the alignment of IT with the customer's business. Another important point is the guarantee of transparency between ON IT HUB and the client’s company.

Our technical team is properly trained and certified, at international excellence levels, striving for effective delivery of solutions. This allows ON IT HUB to perform a reliable job, assisting in the development of architectures for new projects, providing and carrying out the integration of solutions, promoting customer training and providing all the necessary support.

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A consultancy must provide:





Organizing and documenting is necessary, because “what is not measured is not managed”. Process-oriented management is a necessity today and organizations are increasingly realizing its value. Separating business from technology is impossible, we often don't know where the threshold is between the two parties.

Process and Quality Management is essential to identify problems in current processes and adjust them with a focus on: cost reduction, process optimization, automation, better productivity, loss prevention, quality and safety. These are some of the main drivers of organizations when they decide to document their processes and implement a more robust and intelligent management model, making organizational changes less laborious and costly.

Management oriented to processes and quality subsidizes other areas and processes, such as information security, operational risks, continuity, fraud prevention, among others.

One of the biggest concerns of audits and finance directors is how well IT is applying resources properly, thus helping the business to improve. IT and business are no longer separated these days. Both properly managed through good processes, best practices and reliable indicators can bring ideal results.

Does your company think and apply IT management? Is your company ready for a transformation?

Our team is highly qualified to diagnose your company's difficulties, realign and structure organizational processes linked to the areas of project management, processes, and information technology management.

Experts’ advice

Advice for IT managers on the main services and equipment for corporate networks.

Your company can be more modern, organized, and competitive, with the right consultancy your business success is well underway. Count on our team of experts to change the technological direction of your business.

Network documentation

Documenting your data network is essential, speeds up maintenance, facilitates network expansions and guarantees continuity of administration even if the responsible professional or company changes.

How IT Consulting Works: 8 Ways It Can Help Transform Your Business

No matter what business or industry you are in, employees perform best when they focus on their core competencies.

Teachers, doctors, lawyers, office managers, and almost every other employee are the most productive working at what they do best.

The frustrating and troubling task of trying to master Information Technology comes at a real operational cost. By adopting what is outsourced IT consulting, your employees can focus their time on their core work and increase their profitability.

Having an IT department can be great when you need to get the printer fixed right away, but that same person will likely not have, for example, the expertise in cloud solutions to help reduce on-premises infrastructure and operating expenses.

An IT consultancy has likely completed several past projects similar to your current situation. Knowing that your business is being guided by an industry expert can provide peace of mind and increase the likelihood of success.

Technological transformation has had an impact on the lives of customers and companies. Just because something has been done in a specific way for years doesn't mean it can't be done more efficiently and effectively. Identifying this is within the scope of what IT consulting is.

An external consultant can provide a fresh perspective based on their experience, supporting a variety of project and industry best practices and helping your organization increase growth and improve overall efficiency.

Paying for a salary, benefits, workspace, and all the other expenses to keep a skilled, full-time employee can be very expensive.

Consultants are often hired to deal with a specific problem within a specific time frame, which allows for more efficient use of time and amount invested.

Cyber data security has never been more prevalent and critical than it is now.

Large corporations are not the only ones at risk. Small businesses are actually hit in 62 percent of all cyber-attacks and, according to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small businesses that suffer cyber-attacks were out of business within 6 months.

The way a cybersecurity IT consultancy works can:

  • - perform an assessment of your network to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • - establish information security protocols
  • - help develop a disaster recovery solution

Consultants can also train your employees on how to identify potentially dangerous viruses or other malware.

IT consultants are experts in new technologies and their jobs depend on helping companies find new ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

Technologies that achieve these goals range from:

  • - file servers
  • - central databases
  • - mobile platforms and many others

To better realize the benefits of these complex technologies, they need to be planned, implemented and managed correctly.

The way IT consulting works, identifies which steps in your business processes can be eliminated to gain efficiencies.

In that way, consultants can confidently recommend a solution that best suits your business.

This is the best way to ensure your project runs smoothly, is delivered on time, and your business receives the best ROI possible.

Managing IT staff puts an additional burden on managers in other departments as they are not aware of or not interested in typical metrics that determine the success of an IT team's work.

Also, much like adding other employees, there is an additional cost for paid time off, benefits, bonuses, etc. that don't come into play with a consulting firm.

Now that you know what IT consulting is and have had examples of how it works, you can contact ON IT HUB that provides a variety of services for your business, strategically and tactically.

But why hire an IT Consultant?

There are several reasons that justify hiring an IT consultancy. Below, we list the five reasons we consider

  • Receive personalized support
  • Learn from those who already know
  • Adopt world best practices
  • Bring visibility to the IT area
  • Increase results

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