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IT Support

Outsource IT support from a leading company in the industry and have more peace of mind to run your business.

By outsourcing your company's IT department, you will have cost savings, greater security, greater organization and proactivity in managing everything related to information technology, leaving you carefree and focused on your core business.

You choose the form of service for your company: 100% remote support or remote support + monthly visits or technical support with a professional allocated during business hours + remote support.

By hiring ON IT HUB to manage your IT department, your company will have:

Administration and management of servers and network

Monthly performance reports

Management of IT contracts and suppliers

24/7 remote network monitoring

Assembly and maintenance of computers

Administration of emails and other web services

Management of company assets (inventory)

Scheduled preventive maintenance

Consulting for continuous improvement

Information security management

Local and cloud backup management

Remote and face-to-face support

Multiplatform technical assistance

Basic configuration and printers’ support

Referral program

What do we deliver?

We deliver quality technical support with agility, complete IT management, documentation of your IT infrastructure, monthly call reports and we help your company to carry out annual IT investment planning.

Our support

All requests from your team are recorded in our call center as a technical call. You can open and track tickets through our website which is available for computers and mobile devices. You can also open a call just by sending us a simple email and of course we also have a phone number available. Regardless of the channel used to open a support ticket, our system automatically issues a protocol number for the service, which allows us to reach a high level of resolution in a short period of time.

Our team

Our team of professionals is highly prepared to deal with all the problems that can affect and harm your company's equipment and network. We work strongly in the prevention of incidents, monitoring and keeping your network fully updated and in conditions of immediate recovery in case of an unpredictable disaster.

All of our analysts have technical certifications aimed at the support and security area, and this guarantees a fast and assertive service.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Our tools are ready to strictly follow the terms of the service level agreement, serving you as quickly as possible, promoting the least possible impact on your operation.

Network Management

We keep constant monitoring of your company's servers, and we act proactively, always aiming to reduce unexpected downtime and inoperability of your network.

Satisfaction of our customers

We achieved a 98% rate of satisfaction from our customers. Upon completion of each call, a satisfaction survey is sent to the user and at the end of each semester a more detailed survey is sent to your company manager, all of which helps us to identify where and how we can further improve our service and the at the same time, it gives our customers more security.

Platform Support:




Why outsource the IT department?

We know that for small and medium companies it is often not feasible to hire IT professionals such as in-house employees, for example. Because in addition to all labor costs, benefits and training for the employee or IT team, the company will also pay for the purchase of hardware to replace defective parts, subscriptions or purchase of software licenses, tools and backup means, system licensing operational etc.

Aware of this, we at ON IT HUB do all the work that an experienced analyst would do, requiring a much smaller investment, delivering more positive results, ensuring security, stability and integrity for your network, in addition to offering special advantages for your company to continue growing structured.

At ON IT HUB, your entire company has an open channel with our decision makers whenever necessary since the transition, ensuring a humanized and secure relationship between organizations.

Bring your company to a reliable IT company in the city of Dubai, and focus 100% on your company's core business.

With us it is possible to completely or partially outsource your company's IT, and it is also possible to hire only one professional to reinforce your existing IT team.

Whatever your business needs, our team will be ready to help.

Assemble your plan according to your need, including differentiated services provided at no additional cost during the entire term of the contract.

Contact us and schedule a visit, we will be pleased to know your infrastructure and provide a free quote.

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