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Information Security

Information Security

We offer the following services in Information Security:

Policies, plans and adaptations to current laws.

  • Assistance for creating and/or updating the Information Security Policy (ISP)

    An Information Security Policy is the “rule of the game” document that the company understands and how it handles information. The principles that guide the safe handling of information by its employees and partners to guarantee its customers care for these assets. We help your IT team create or update your PSI following the best recommendations in the market.

  • Creation and/or update of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

    Based on a robust risk analysis, an IT-oriented Business Continuity Plan allows companies to reduce outage windows, increasing the time of business availability, especially nowadays, where information technology permeates most business areas.

  • Creation and/or update of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

    The difference between contingency and recovery can sometimes have an impact on getting an IT environment back up and running. Having a validated disaster recovery plan can take several hours or days to get your IT services back on track.

  • Adequacy of the IT environment to meet the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    With the entry into force of the GDPR, a new triad will join the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability), will be the LAT., that is, the adaptation to the regulation will require compliance with Legal, Administrative and Technical issues. And the Administrative and Technical issues are strongly linked to IT. Failure to comply with information security requirements and management of processes involving data privacy can be grounds for penalties, including fines imposed by the competent authorities.

  • Consulting for the acquisition of software and hardware solutions aimed at Information Security

  • Consulting for the implementation of firewall and UTM solutions

    Consulting for the implementation of firewall and UTM solutions. We conduct an analysis of your environment and possible vulnerabilities, point out where and how your network's security can improve, and give you the options that will best meet your needs. We work with solutions: Cisco, Pfsense and Untangle.

  • Consultancy for choosing and implementing antivirus tools

    More than having a good antivirus, it is necessary to know how to configure it in the correct way to meet all the needs of your network and not leave security holes in your servers and workstations. We act from the intermediation for the acquisition of your antivirus suite, to the deployment and subsequently the continuous monitoring of daily threats. We work with Bitdefender and Kaspersky solutions.

Why Information Security is Important for Your Business?

We say that a company has a good information security strategy when it establishes processes, implements tools and methods, has qualified personnel — or hires specialized third-party services — to act preventively in protecting its data.

Regrettably, many business owners only realize the importance of this when they face cyber attacks and fraud , lose documents and files critical to their business, and, in the extreme, suffer financial and reputational damage.

5 reasons to invest in information security in your business:

  • Investing in Information Security reduces vulnerabilities
  • Prevents financial and image damage
  • Boosts competitiveness
  • Favors a culture of continuous improvement
  • Ensures the future of the enterprise

Start investing in your company's information security

It is essential that this awareness is spread at all levels of business administration, as this is not just a matter for the IT area. It requires attitudes from investment decision makers, which can only be achieved with awareness and vision.

Contact us so we can help you to analyze the current conditions of information protection in your business, carry out diagnoses and, finally, outline an effective strategy.

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